Keep The Wuhan coronavirus at Bay With a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the reasons the human body is so amazing is that it is always dealing with threats such as infection from bacteria or viruses—but most of the time we don’t get sick because our immune system is working 24/7 to combat these threats.  Having a healthy immune system is one of the reasons many of us don’t succumb to illness even during the normal cold and flu seasons of the year.  Conversely, bad lifestyle habits can seriously weaken our immune systems and make us more susceptible to infection.

It is generally accepted that a number of factors completely under our control can help boost our immune systems.  Eating a balanced diet is one element of keeping your immune system strong.  This includes making sure you get the right balance and dosage of vitamins, either from our diet or from vitamin supplements. 

We are often told that when we’re sick we should drink plenty of fluids, but drinking sufficient fluids is actually something we should do every day to help us prevent getting sick in the first place.  Liquids help the body flush toxins from the system.  Many times, germs such as the flu are swept from our respiratory system before they have a chance to multiply and cause us to become ill.  All liquids count but water is the cheapest and most convenient. 

Getting plenty of sleep is important.  Fatigue makes it more difficult for your body to repair itself.  Regular exercise is important not just for disease prevention in the short run but to make sure we maintain good health throughout our lives.  Chronic high levels of stress is thought to contribute to weakening the immune system, so employing stress management techniques not only can help us feel better mentally, but may also help our immune system work at top efficiency.

The Wuhan coronavirus is caused by a virus, so don’t think that taking a course of antibiotics will lessen the symptoms or prevent infection.  It won’t.  Antibiotics have no effect on any virus for that matter.  Antibiotics are effective in killing bacteria.  What may be a little confusing is that your body produces antibodies against the virus when infected.  But antibodies are not at all the same thing as antibiotics.  A strong healthy body produces lots of antibodies when invaded by the coronavirus. 

A healthy lifestyle can boost the odds of staying healthy and avoiding diseases. 

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