How to pick up a cat like a pro

This video is by Dr. Uri Burstyn. He is a a veterinarian at Vancouver BC.

This is a practical series for pet owners. Today’s cat is Claudia, she is a one year old little girl and  Mr Pirate will be joining in a little while.

This would be a fun little video. We will just talk about how to treat and deal with a cat. You know when I’m in clinics, I often see people walking around their cat’s swing like this. It is really a kind of thing that makes me feel comfortable because this is not comfortable for a cat or being honest with you.

So I just want to think a little bit about how to catch a cat and different ways to just manage it. To make your life a little easier. Know when you are approaching a cat, it is a good idea to introduce yourself, allow them to inhale your hand. I keep my fingers curled a little. So, if a cat really doesn’t want my company, she can’t really bite me when my fingers are wrapped.

Introduce yourself Give them a little scratch just on the side of the face like that or tickle a little under the chin. There we go. We made friends with this wonderful little cat. If you approach a cat, you can enjoy it. You have to remember that cats can be frightened very easily. So you want to take things easy with it.

They are also much smaller than us. So a light light usually pays off with a cat. You can tickle them a little stroke them. But most people are trying to catch kittens and this is the kind of we’re having trouble with. So the key to picking up a cat safely is making them feel supported.

So I always hold a cat with one hand below the chest, one hand under the abdomen, and then we can lift it. Kind of forced gently. So they are not hanging. They are not floundering. This way they will be Comfortable that way you will also be safe because what happens when you have a cat swings free in the air. Often times, they will start scrambling to buy, and they will get their hind legs.

They can do a lot of damage that I mean, I scratched so badly on my arms just with a cat. Go a little bit of paddle with their legs.Perhaps the most common way to scratch is if your cat feels insecure. When you are slightly injured, the acquisition attempt tries to defend something in your hands. It’s the smallest children that cats can swing around this way. So nice and backed up to catch them then if you need to carry a cat I usually just hold near my body.

Enjoy the video ok..take care.

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