After You Come Down With the Coronavirus, Do This

Coronavirus (the common cold is a coronavirus)) and flu season is here with the coughing, headache, congestion, sore throat and runny nose. It’s a miserable time to get sick especially with the cold, wet windy weather outside. Let’s face: winter and early spring are the cold and flu season. Having the flu is one instance where you must stay home from work, school or other social situations where you could spread the virus. Your recovery from the illness will be accelerated if you allow yourself plenty of rest, rather than trying to keep with your normal work schedule. If you must work while you are recovering, do it via computer or telephone from home and limit it to a few hours each day.

Do not travel on public transportation when you are sick. The confined space of an airplane, or bus, for example, makes it quite possible that whenever you sneeze or cough, other passengers become infected. The coronavirus and flu virus is airborne for up to 6 feet which means in a crowded bus you could infect four or five other people with every sneeze. 

Stay prepared during the flu season.  Make sure you have lots of fruit juice, light meals, and tissues on hand.  Being sick and having to go to the store makes you feel worse and exposes others to your illness. 

Pack up an emergency cold and flu kit in a container such as an empty shoe box so you know where everything is.  You’ll need aspirin, saline nasal spray, tissues, plastic sealable baggies to put the used tissues in, hand sanitizer, throat lozenges, bottled water, tea bags and the aforementioned juices.  Sports drinks work but keep in mind that they can contain sugar, salt and caffeine.  If you like also include a decongestant, and cough medicine. 

You might also want to have instant soups on hand.  The warmth and salt in the soups will sooth your throat and help clear congestion. 

A humidifier is helpful as well.  During winter when home heating systems are going full blast the air is dry and can irritate nasal passages.  A humidifier in the room adds much needed moisture so you can breathe easier. 

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