3 Ways to Cut Down the Chances of Getting the Wuhan Coronavirus

The Wuhan coronavirus is primarily in China. However with worldwide travel we can expect to see more and more cases reported in other countries. While it’s scary to think of the Wuhan coronavirus traveling literally thousands of miles through infected patients, it is happening. While the only way to completely prevent contracting the Wuhan coronavirus, or the flu, is to isolate yourself from friends, family and the public, you can cut down on the chances of you becoming sick.  There are several common sense measures you can take to reduce the chances of coming down with Flu. 

1.  Wash your hands.  A lot.  It’s one of the best and most effective ways to prevent disease.  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using warm to hot water and soap.  It doesn’t have to be an antibacterial soap because the Wuhan coronavirus is caused by a virus not a bacteria.  The virus won’t be killed.  The heat from the water and rubbing your hands together gets rid of the virus.  If you’re out and about and don’t have access to soap and water use a hand sanitizer gel that is alcohol based.  Use a generous dollop and rub on your hands until it evaporates.  Wash your hands after you’ve been out in public. 

2.  Stay away from crowds.  The coronavirus is airborne within a 6 foot distance.  The virus is carried on water droplets that are expelled from the nasal passages, throat and lungs through sneezing, coughing and breathing.  If you aren’t where the crowds are you won’t be exposed as much.  If the flu season is especially bad and you’re in the more at risk groups because of your age or damaged immune system, consider wearing an air filter mask when you’re in crowds.  Make sure you wash your hands after you remove the mask. 

3.  Don’t touch your mouth or nose with your hands, use a tissue.  The flu is spread through the virus being introduced to the host – that’s you.  If the virus is on your hand because you touched a surface that someone else did who had the virus and then you touch your nose or mouth you increase the chances of getting sick yourself.  Use the tissue only once and throw it away after usage.  Don’t touch door handles in public areas if you can help it, or stair rails, even grocery shopping carts can carry the virus for awhile.  Many grocery stores now provide disinfectant wipes to clean the handles of the cart. 

Use these common sense rules to decrease the chance you’ll get sick from flu. 

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